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Pluge pattern

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For televisions the picture line-up generation equipment (PLUGE or pluge) is the greyscale test patterns used in order to adjust the black level and contrast of the. A PLUGE (picture line-up generation equipment) pattern is a test pattern used to calibrate the black level on a video display. An on-screen pattern of light and dark gray bars used to balance the gray scale of a monitor. The patterns differ, but the goal is to obtain the optimum black.

If you just want to know how to use your test pattern disc to adjust your brightness control, skip ahead to the section called “Using the PLUGE Pattern.”. The idea of the pattern is to set the brightness control until the two left bars are not visible and the two right bars are visible. The original PLUGE generator used . PLUGE is an acronym for "picture line-up generation equipment." A PLUGE pattern is a grayscale of pattern created by this piece of equipment, and which is .

Hi Could someone please tell me if you use the low apl pluge pattern with just the black background and just the black stripes on it to calibrate. 13 Oct You should see 11 brightness steps. Fifty percent is in the middle. Here is a PLUGE pattern. PLUGE is a traditional term for patterns used to set. They're not as relevant in this age when the vast majority are using LCD displays - but I've left this page here (for now) for historic reasons. This PLUGE pattern. If I pull up the flashing black bar pattern I can't see any bar flash let alone , I have to increase brightness. If I return to the pluge pattern I. Set black level high, then reduce it until the and 0 pluge levels become just barely indistinguishable. You're finished. If you have no pluge pattern, display a.

18 Jun (Picture Line-Up Generation Equipment) A test pattern used to calibrate NTSC video display Contrast, Brightness and Gamma levels. Adjust the brightness control on the video display until the left two bars of the pluge pattern aren't visible and the right-most strip is barely visible. (The pluge. PLUGE Pattern. COW Blogs:: PLUGE Pattern. No blogs found Scott Freeman. © All Rights Reserved. [TOP]. Quantcast. Websites are. For frame buffer display, the less than black bar cannot be generated and must be omitted. The SMPTE color bars, Figure , provide a PLUGE pattern.


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